a little shop update ♥

the travel pillows i mentioned in my post last week?!?! 

they have handles

and pockets for stuffed animals & books...

or both :)

i'm so excited about these!

hop on over and take a peek ♥
happy thursday!

magic dream bars ♥

i say it all the time on IG that i love to bake
my family knows i bake
the guys at the hubby's office know i bake. so i'm baking a lot
spoiled rotten people
well really i just love to eat cookies ... so that's why i bake.
this is a go-to really quick company's coming and you don't have all day to bake kinda recipe
and they're really so yummy you might just eat a lot of them before the company comes.
so put away your sad granola thingy and your sad lettuce and make some of these.

raid your pantry or go to the store and get this stuff...

(print this one out by clicking on the image and then go get some of your own. hurry. go now.)

heat your oven then melt the butter right in the pan you're going to use
add the graham crumbs and spread them evenly on the bottom after you mix it together

this recipe is really so easy and fail proof ... so all the steps can be done by your kids if it's a day you want to get them into the kitchen to bake with you

just pop open the can of condensed milk and let them pour it evenly over the crumb layer

add all the good stuff ... i usually do coconut first then the chips
my girls ate more chocolate chips than they put in the dish

grab a fork and have them press down a little just to smoosh it all together

this was the original recipe i clipped off the back of the milk can fifteen years ago when i first got married
wow. fifteen years. 
this month.
 we're like, old people

i forgot to take, ya know those staged food blogger pics, that everyone takes and their cookies look like betty crocker herself was at their house and made the cookies with them, and then they took a picture kinda pictures? well this isn't that kinda recipe.

so here's a picture of the bars in their truest form.
messy gooey and broken up on a pedestal dish in my kitchen 
where we keep eating them from
real life. that's all

much love ♥ be back soon!

summer road trips and back to blogging ♥

summer schedules are in full swing around here.
well sorta.
staying up late, sleeping in, pj's and crafts are really what's goin on

i was talking to my hubby the other day...
telling him & realizing at the same time that i really missing blogging
doing projects and crafting posts are seriously lacking lately
and that's what used to make this place so fun...

but i suppose it was ok for a time
since life is all about seasons changing right?
different things happening
different things we go through

trying to make time for the important things
and building on what is eternal ... not temporal

"...the glitter of the world is tinny & temporal. the Light of My Presence is brilliant & everlasting." 
Sarah Young ~ Jesus Calling

so basically all that to say i'll be making more, sharing more, diy-ing more 
 ... again like i used to

i've been stocking up on supplies and garage sale finds for a few projects too 
... chairs to spray paint, curtains to make ... i have a list going
things to get done
memories to be made

we packed up every year and hit the road for a 16 hour trip to NC to visit family
we love it there... the beach, the weather...chic-fil-a...
there's no chic-fil-a in NY. no sonic either. no ikea or world market anywhere near here either
but whatever ... i'm not bitter or anything

i brought this beauty along on the ride to keep me busy
i actually found the whole piece as you see it in the picture 
(minus the pretty rainbow thread)
at a thrift store for 7 dollars!!!! one of the best things i've ever scored.

the day before we left my littlest went to a my little pony birthday party ... we made her a few pretty things
including one of the my little pony necklaces i had for sale in my shop ... i'm in the process of making a bunch more so keep an eye out! they'll be available soon.

this was my travel pillow :)
which i was also thinking of making a few covers and listing those in the shop as well
any interest? the fabric is so cute ... i never get tired of it

have you seen the you are here mugs from starbucks??
i'm obsessed with them. my hubby very pleasantly puts up with my crazy shenanigans 
and found most of them for me (that guy) (♥) 
we tried to get one in every state on the way down, but man, they're tricky to find. 

yup. another thing NY does not have.
do all the places like the south better?
guess so.

For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him ~ Philippians 2.13

the peach milkshakes are my fav.

we spent a bunch of days at the beach ... then a hurricane came. boo.
that sorta messed up our beach plans, but we made up for it later

i stumbled onto these heavenly things at joanns and decided to ditch my plain old single colored
embroidery floss for my map project and use this braided variegated goodness instead


more mugs :)

more progress

a trip to Charlotte for the weekend called for sonic drinks and a little crochet
i was working on this pillow pattern. it's so cute. go buy it. you're welcome

yum... strawberry limeade
... speaking of Charlotte, we loved it there. i want to live there.
for real. i wish we could.

i bought #allthethings at world market

and ate lots of pretty candy

rainbowtized pompoms make the beach even prettier

even more progress
i'm working on duplicating the pattern so i can have it listed in my shop if you're interested in stitching your own state map with pretty embroidery floss from joanns (and believe me that's the only place i could find the floss ... i looked everyyyyyywhere) hope to have the pattern figured out by next week maybe

the ride home was long but we made it ... and i ate more candy

be back real soon!!

another little girls room ♥ and a couple winners!

thanks so much for the comments last week!
if i could, i would send you ALL a state hoop
 ...but i just had to draw two names instead of one since i can't send them to you all :)
i appreciate you guys so much ♥

random generator thingy picked
Crystal Nell & Stacy C.
email me your state preference and your addresses
and i'll get your hoops out to you guys as soon as i can!
yay for giveaways ♥

i'm still messing around with pictures from our family room
so i thought i'd take you on a little tour of my littlest little's room

i posted about my older daughter's room & craft desk last year

you can read the full post here 

i realized i never posted about my younger daughter's room on this little old blog here
and it's such a fun room i had to share ... kay?!

she spends a lot of time in here ... drawing, playing, dance parties
yeah lots of fun girlie stuff goin on in this room here

i painted this room right away when we moved into this house almost 10 years ago
it was a boys room with dark walls, and she was just a little baby, so it needed some bright happy colors.

the bed & dresser were a set that was gifted to her by my parents & my aunts for her birthday, but this desk & hutch thingy was a super cool score at a garage sale for twenty bucks!

a little cleaning, sanding and a coat of really really light mint green paint
made it the perfect desk for her ... i was so happy to find it

she likes to draw. little cute things like that
and put them in the sneakiest little places :)

a few years ago i made these bendy dolls 
they sure are cute but very time consuming and once you make one you want to make a million
... beware!

she likes all the garlands and things i sew for my shop
so she made one of her own ... i love it.
that's an easy project to make with your girls if they're wanting to learn to sew
just cut squares and feed the tops straight into the machine, that's it.

the little elephants were made from a pattern i found here

when i painted my both of my girls' rooms, i wanted to have scripture incorporated onto their walls in some way ... since it's where they sleep, rest and spend a lot of time ... having God's Word right there in front of them seemed to be a great way to remind and embed His Promises into their tender minds & hearts ...

since i like to doodle & journal, i figured that was the way to go 
with sharpie paint pens and a little bit of acryllic paint

garden/plant baskets from Joanns are hanging on her wall 
to corrall all those little stuffed animals that will drive a mom to the brink of insanity

they were black when i bought them so a quick coat of spray paint did the trick

remember Lumpy? from the Heffalump movie??
well when my daughter was little, Lumpy was her best friend.
the little stuffed animal (she still has) went every where with her
every. where.
 like he's almost threadbare. but she still loves him :)
so i used a light projector and traced a picture (from google images) onto the wall 
and then filled him in with acrylics. it was fun, but i'm sad that the time went by so fast and soon she'll be ready to paint over him. so sad. 

wow. had to dig through the archives for that one :)

this is her now ...

she still loves lumpy enough to wear lumpy earrings ... i die.

she actually loves hangin out in her room
it's like here little fortress
and she's a bookworm ... she loves books
and her baby book for some reason. she reads it over & over again
and then comes to tell me things like 
"hey mama when i was in your tummy you wanted to eat hot dogs & cocoa pebbles!" 
yeah i kinda know babe. i was there.
she's a riot.

i loved this bunting when i saw it in my friend Christina's etsy shop
the little girl on the elephant. perfect.

the pom pom fairy garland post & how-to is over here

we took the shelves out of her old bookshelf and made it into a dress-up closet
with a tension curtain rod and some decorative hooks on the outsides to hang purses & necklaces

i think i need to make her a bulletin board...
she's always got little pieces of paper everywhere
she's a little on the sentimental side :)

people say this all the time when your kids are little ....

about how you need to enjoy & savor every moment cause they grow up really really fast

well it's really really true.

♥ much love

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